Elder Rasband & Adulting & Stuff…

Oi todo mundo!
Essa Semana foi TOP!
Tive muitas reuniaos e muito trabalho!

Oakland Beach RI last week Sister Missionary Blog Brazil Boston Mass mission

Oakland Beach RI last week

I’m just gonna go with the bullet point thing…

1.) This week we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, an interview with our Mission President, with a nice little zone meeting cherry on top!

ELDER RASBAND. As in on of the twelve apostles, came to our missions “MLC” or the mission leadership meeting that is held for all the Zone Leaders/AP’s/Sister Training Leaders in our mission. Since we had a zone meeting this week, our leaders shared everything that he taught/wants for this mission!

*One of the promises/commitments he extended to us was…*
To study all of the Jesus Christ sub heading found in the back of the bible. I think he said there were 57 of them. He promised us that “The more you know Him, the more you will love him, the more you will serve him.”

2.) During exchanges I had the chance to visit Brother and Sister Marcs. He is one of the area 70 here in Providence, and his wife is very sick and dying. She has a brain aneurysm, Kidney failure and they found Cancer. We were asked by the Branch President to stop by and just visit with her, since she can’t leave the house.

They served as a senior couple in the Phillipines, just 1 year after he had been baptized. They received a letter from the 1st Presidency asking them to serve! Their different stories were incredible! He talk about numerous miracles he had seen and they have both traveled all around the world. It was incredible to get some guidance as far as mission work from him as well!

3.) The past couple of Sundays I’ve had to translate sacrament meeting for those in our branch who don’t speak Portuguese. (They only speak Kreolo or English) It has definitely been interesting, but it’s super fun!

4.) This week our great little town of Central Falls had their 2nd Annual “CopoMundo” Soccer tournament! Us and the Elders volunteered and I ended up grilling the free hot dogs we were handing out!

Central Falls Soccer Tournament Missionary Blog Boston Mass Mission

Central Falls Soccer Tournament

5.) This week I made bacon wrapped, chicken with cream cheese and chives, and our district all ate together. I would just like to say that this glorious creation (Thanks to Sister Wheatley) has made his top 2 life changing events. The first being an amazing talk on the atonement and the second being my chicken thang. And what do we learn from this? I’m not doomed, I know how to adult.


SO in this great branch we get fed maybe once a week. Which isn’t a problem because it leaves us with more time to have appointments…ANYWHO Sister Gill and I have started cooking more often, and we’re running out of recipes to make…
SO Anyone out there reading this email…if you have any incredible recipes, we would gladly appreciate it. Just send em our way.

Fica Tranquilo, ✌

Sister Q. Adelman


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