Talks and Baptisms and Singing and stuff!

Oi todo mundo!

So Sister Adelman aqui com missao parte 2
….Missao Boston Massachusetts!
Sister Missionaries in Boston Mass Mission

My Comp Sister Gill and I…on the lower roof part that our window leads out to!

This week was pretty great, we’ve been getting to work that’s for sure!

So here in Pawtucket, we see a lot of Cape Verdian people and a couple people from Portugal.

Most of the Brazilians live more towards Boston, or Brocton! However I have grown such a love the cultures and people here!!

This week we had one dinner, and it was pretty interesting. We tried a typical Cape Verdian dish called “Cachupa” and it was interesting. Hehhh. It’s been cool to experience not only one culture!

The Elders we kind enough to continue serving Sister Gill and I seconds, and thirds, and fourths!
Here’s Cachupa….

Cachupa Cape Verdian Dish Boston Mass Mission Food

This week on “Favorite New England Quotes and Happenings”:

“I’m all set” —-> Meaning, I’m good…I don’t want anything…You can go away now…

“A palavra de Deus sempre e bom” —-> The Portuguese version of “I’m all set”

Me:”Hi, my name is Sister Adelman what’s your’s?”

Man: “What do you want?”

Me:”To know your name?”

Man: “I’m catholic, I am going to stay catholic, I don’t want any of your satanic talk.”*Stand up from chair on porch, opens front door, slams front door in face*

Ahhh the sweet life of a missionary, I love it.

This Week:
-I was asked to give a talk on Sunday, in Portuguese. It was great.

-I’m working on the Kreole now, it’s coming slowly but surely! It’s a sloppier Portuguese that is similar to Spanish!
-Almost got my New England accent down
-Elder Samways and I sang “Quando Eu For Batisado” at the first baptism we’ve had in this branch (as far as Elders) for I think 6 transfers!

-Our branch is super small, but we’re working hard on changing that. We have about 50 people who come to church each Sunday. Our theme for these next two transfers is the “make this branch a ward”. We’ve met with the Branch President andddd we need to get 9 more priesthood holders, and 100 people at church each Sunday to become a ward. SO we’ve gotten our work cut out for us that’s for sure!

*It’s been interesting this week, the amount of blessing we have seen here when we are obedient and ask Heavenly Father. We’ve been really praying specifically for the needs of each of our investigators, and we have seen tons of small miracles happen. When we ask for specific things in our prayer, and continue in faith, Heavenly Father will help and bless us!*

Welp, we’re headed off to the beach today!

I love you all SO much.
Fica Tranquilo, ✌
Sister Q. Adelman
PS. Here are the photos of my apartment that I promised last week!

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