1st Week Out

Well hey there all my wonderful readers!

This week has definitely been a world-wind of adjusting to the mission field again and kind of getting back into the actual mission flow! SOOOO….Here are the details everyone is really wanting…
MY AREA: I am in the very small but SUPER crowded and culturally diverse town of…
Rhode Island Area Boston Mass Mission Blog

Picture from my roof.

Our branch is called “Centrals Falls” and it has only been formed for 2 months now. Before that, it had only been a Portuguese Sunday School class for almost a year. Since we are the only Portuguese branch anywhere near here…our whole area is the STATE OF RHODE ISLAND. So basically we can go tracting and visit which ever part of Rhode Island we want.
MY COMPANION: Her name is Sister Gill, she is from Arizonia and she has only been in the mission for 6 weeks, yup this is her 2nd transfer here in the mission. She’s techincally my “trainer” but I was asked by President to help finish here last 6 weeks of the 12 week training we recieve. So basically we just have an interesting relationship…heh…
Fun Facts...
-All of our district lives in the same apartments…the Elderes on the 4th floor and the Sisteres on the 1st floor. So we are all SUPER close.
-Every morning at 6am we all wake up, then about 6:20 the Elders wait outside our apartment, we all say a prayer and then head out to play sports. We either play Soccer (Which I am awful at), Ultimate Frisbee, or Basketball…we’re trying to find a place our town to play Volleyball!
-Every morning for our language studies since Sister Gill and I are both American, we head up to the roof of our apartment building and we do language study with the two other Portuguese Speaking (Brazilian!!) Elderes!
Sister Missionary Blog Boston Mass Mission

Church Pic at Our Apartment

OUR APARTMENT: So our apartment is SO NICE. It’s definitely WAY different than from living in Brazil. We actually live in an old Slater Cotton Mill that they renovated into these super chique loft apartments. I didn’t take any pictures this week of the apartment. BUT I will send them next week! Basically it’s one giant loft with SUPER high ceilings and the whole thing is this old style brick. Then we have two bathrooms, and two “bedrooms” (we use those for our clothes and our desks for studying) then we all sleep in the GIANT room with our kitchen and couches and stuff. We have these giant like 20 foot windows that over look the town, and it’s all super old styled houses here. LOVE IT.
P-DAY!: Today was my first P-day here in Rhode Island AND IT WAS AMAZING.
One of the members in the english ward has a lake house and they invited us over to go fishing, play volleyball in their yard, sit by the fire, and they BBQ’d some hamburgers and chicken and hot dogs!
We started playing “What are the odds” and I lost. SO I had to kiss a fish that one of the Elders caught. It was great. And I have it on video!
Sister Missionary Gone fishing P-day Boston Mass Mission Rhode Island Mormon

This picture took me like ten minutes to take. Because I was a baby and too scared to grab the fish. BUT I CAUGHT THAT. It’s a “sun fish” and the fins at the top are super spikey!

TONIGHT we are headed out to our Branch Presidents house, he lives about 30 minutes away and has a house with quiet a bit of land. We’re going to have a Family Home Evening with them/ BRAZILIAN BBQ. Because our Branch President is BRAZILIAN!!!
BRANCH: So our whole branch is either from Cape Verde, Portugal or Brazil! EVERYONE IN THIS AREA though is pretty much from Cape Verde. THE ACCENT IS SO DIFFERENT FROM BRAZIL. I think the hardest for me to understand are the investigators from Portugal, because they add a “SH” on the end of everything. ALSO….
The Portuguese speaking missionaries are also needed to learn Creole which is a Cape Verde dialect. It’s super different, and I’m awful at it…BUT with time I know it will get there.
Mission President and his wife:
-THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. Seriously they are two people that are called of God and SO spiritually strong. Sister Miller is already like a second mom and she REALLY cares and is the “let me bake you cookies and talk about your day” kind of mission mom. LOVE HER.
-Along with the Mission President and his wife, we have about 7 or 8 senior couples that are serving here and deal with different things. ALSO we have a mission nurse here, SUPER DIFFERENT THAn Brazil!
-In my interveiw with the Mission President last week, he told me how excited he was to have me here. Then he told me which area I would be headed out to (before the others) and told me that my purpose here in to MAKE THIS BRANCH A WARD.
We have a meeting with the Branch President on Tuesday and we’re going to go over the numbers as far as what we’re needing to become a WARD. The work is so good here, we have a car which is SUPER nice to have. Although sometimes I miss walking every where.
The transition back to the field spiritually has been SUPER hard, just with out going through the MTC first makes it more difficult. But I’m studying everyday and doing my part. Physically and mentally, this mission is SO much easier.
I will say though, I thought I was super blunt and straight to the point….but man these New Englanders put me to shame. They definitely say it like it is, and everyone is VERY catholic.
I love you all!
Jesus Christ lives and loves each and everyone!
I was reading through Jacob 5 this week, if you haven’t read it in a while…do that. It’s an amazing parable!
Fica Tranquilo, ✌
Sister Q. Adelman

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