Update: The Road Back to the Mission Field!

I feel that I can make this post now, that I have made my decision and I have had time to figure everything out. First, thank you to all who have stood by me and supported me through this whole mess! I’m so grateful for the friends and family I have!

After meeting with the Doctor’s here in Texas, I had been advised NOT to get the surgery to remove the needle in my foot and here’s why…

-The incision on the bottom of my foot would be about 3 to 4 inches long.

-The needle is about 4 layers of muscle deep inside my foot. Meaning the doctor would have to cut 4 layers of muscle to get to the needle.

-There is a risk of the needle being wrapped around tendons or nerves and during surgery the needle could break and another surgery would be needed to take it out.

-There is a chance of paralysis in my foot after the surgery because of all the vital nerves and tendons around the area.

-I was even told that if it were the doctor’s daughter…”no one would touch her foot”

This risks to this surgery are very high, and the benefits are low. The doctor has confidence that despite what I was told, the needle is not moving and should not cause any pain.

After much prayer and fasting, I have decided NOT to get the surgery. And to return back to the mission field, hopefully within the next two weeks or so.

I am working on the papers and letters necessary to get me to that point! I would appreciate prayers, that all might go right and I can be headed back on the plane to Brazil as soon as possible!

It has been a huge emotional rollercoaster, and after having been worried over this whole thing for the past 3 months I finally feel at peace!

-Quincy Adelman


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