I’m 20 Yo!

Oi gente!

Thank y’all for all the birthday wishes and videos that were sent to me! Seriously I love each and everyone of you guys. I can’t believe that I’m 20…
IM OLD. Like never will I ever be a teenager again….
Weird, like I’m almost an adult…
I didn’t have time to write last week so we’ll see if my super speedy typing can explain about these past TWO weeks!
Two weeks ago…
1.) The olympic torch ran through our city!! At the very same hour that I was needing to go to physical therapy, in the middle of downtown Joao Pessoa I might add. We ended up riding de onibus and it took about 2 and 1/2 hours to get to physical therapy, when it should take about 20 minutes. It was cool to see the crowds of people, I didnt get to see the torch but I experienced the mess it caused lol. Our driver went through neighborhoods and was complete lost. Everyone on the bus was telling him where to go and everyone was screaming “Viva Brazil!” It was actually pretty cool. We talked with a few of the people on the bus about the gospel as well. I was like….”hmmmm we are literally stuck on this bus….and they can’t run…and if they reject me they have to sit in awkwardness…” so yeah.
2.) Cool experience that we had! We were looking for a less active member but only had the house number and street. We went and talked to the family that lived in the address we had. And the person we were looking for had moved. So we started talking to those people there and they we at first like…”SAI” which is like “leave youre annoying me”. But we warmed them up a bit, gave them some of that southern charm and they ended up loving us. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT.
There were two kids playing around and the mom was telling us that the little 4 years old girl woke up that morning saying “Jesus Christ is going to visit me today. He’s going to find us today!”
3.) Our town has these old school sound boxes hooked to the lamp posts on our street and they play old 50’s Brazilian music and I love it and it always makes my day and Brazil is incredible.
4.) This week with the torch and everything I’ve seen alot of people with fake torches riding around the town screaming “VIVA BRAZIL” and something about the Olympics! Anyways SUPER EXCITED FOR THE OLYMPICS.
5.) The sunsets here are incredible and our area has a bunch of hills and I love walking from the top to the bottom of the hill at sunset! With all the cocnut trees and green and gahhhh.
6.) Aqua de Coco is the bomb.com.
Fico Tranquilo!
IM 20 YO!
-Sister Adelman

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