The Very Wet Walk…

Oi Gente!

What a week, What a week!
Foot Update:
-Physical therapy today for Biggie Ben…my uhh big toe.
Soooo we went to physical therapy today for the first time…and it was interesting. Our apointment for the physical therapist is in Manaira and my area is Ipes…long story short it was about an hour walk…that turnned into a 2 hour walk in the rain because we were absolutely and completely totaly lost.
My morning went a little like this…
*8:30: Leave our house…
*8:40: Realize that I forgot my very important doctor paper….start walking back to the house.
(Begin light drizzle of rain)
*9:00: Quick sonho (donut thing) stop at our very favorite and very cheap 1 real ma and pop shop!
*9:30: Our caminho begins on the side of the high way…on a dirt, flooded and muddy road….
(Enter fast passing cars)
*9:45: The first of many passing cars….thinking “Hmmmm those two missionary girls look a little dry…why dont we give them a little something to cure that thirst. AND….like in all good movies, there was no way to avoid it….every car that passed by us…splashed bucket and buckets of water.
*10:30: After passing the physical therapy place 3 times…we finally made it for our 9:30 O’clock appoinment!
I was thinking about the process of the whole foot thing, from the time that I found out about the needle in my foot until now. Im not gonna lie, its been a huge emotional rollercoaster. One minute Im like oh cool I have a needle in my foot and the next Im like oh crap I have a needle in my foot. But looking back at this past week, I honestly havent felt any pain other than the usual soreness of walking 8 hours a day! I just want to thank all yall for the prayers, fasting and thoughts that have gone into my mission!
Favorite quotes:
“The Savior can’t be a Savior if he doesn’t save anyone”
“There’s a difference between believing in Christ and Believing Christ”
-Do we really believe Christ when he says that he can save us? That through the atonement which he already paid, we can make it back to our Heavenly Father.
Area Update:
-This area is pretty great, we have a bunch of hills….(Working off them Hamburgers) so it’s pretty much grandma walk up the hills until I can finally get accustomed to the up and down!
-Ipes is seperated into two parts, the poor and rich. Our part of the area is the poor parts, more at the bottom of the hills. We have ALOT of villas. Which is pretty much like this…you walk up to a house, it looks all normal and stuff. Knock on the door the person opens the door and you realize that there’s a whole community of houses behind that little door. All of these villas are really small and squished together houses pretty much!
Other Stuff:
-SAO JOAO IS COMING UP! AND IM SUPER EXCITED!!!! Its a holiday here (Im pretty sure Catholic…like all other traditions here) and our chapel is the stake center. Anyways we’re going to have a stake party/activity there and Im super excited. It’s a bigger Holiday here in the North East than Carnival!
The traditional dress for Sao Joao are these super colorful and bright obnoxious dresses….I want one! Lol but its been cool to see everyone walking on the streets in these dresses, selling this delicious corn pudding thing.
Uhhhhh what else…
I was teaching a lesson this week, sitting on the street talking to a less active about the atonement. And I was in the middle of my testimony when I go to scratch my shoulder and feel something weird…I look over and its this giant slug thing just chillin. I screamed and did a little dance. It was great, and yeah.
I love you all! Thanks for the prayers, fasting and loooovvveee!
Fico Tranquilo
-Sister Adelman

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