Change of Area!

Well hello there gente!

TRANSFERS. Happened today and after almost 5 months in Mangabeira I have been transfered! And I was up until 12 packing, then woke up at 5:30 this morning. So Im exhausted but still alive so thats good lol.
1.) New area: Ipes (pronounced E-Pez) Its a more rich area in the mission and closer to the mission office/ hospitals/ shopping! The bishop here is actually the dad of one of the members in Mangabeira that I loved! Sister Ferriera and I are opening a new part of this area so we have no idea where anything is…pray for us lol
2.) Our house is GINORMOUS! (really really big) All of the missionaries that are going home always stay at this house right before they leave SO we have about 7 people sleeping there tonight!
3.) Companion: So my companion is Sister Ferreria! She has two more transfers left until she finished her mission SO I will probably stay with her until she goes home!
This past week was pretty stressful to be honest. It was a weeking of walking and walking and more walking. We marked a lot of lessons and every single house and every single person we went to go teach either wasn’t home, told us to leave, gave an excuse or pretended to be someone else. We knocked on almost every door in our area BUT we found about 3 families that are incredible! Sister Wheatley and her new companion are going to do incredible work there!
Im super tired and probably will spend the rest of P-day sleeping BUT ILOVE YALL and Im so grateful for all the prayers and love!
Alma 26:22!
-Sister Adelman
Ficando tranquilo
Also the computer I used last week deleted a lot of my pictures SO no pictures this week!

I forget that people are actually worried about the thing in my foot lol.
So yeah I still have a needle in my foot. Im pretty sure it hasn’t moved or anything and I honestly have not felt any pain!
BUT cool fact, the foot specialist that I’ve been visiting is in my area now! Blessing 🙂
All is well is footland and I’ll probably just end up leaving the needle there until after the mission! Thank you all for the prayers and fasting!

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