The Sweet Potato Miracle!

Oi there Gente!
This week was one of miracles anddd SKYPE WITH THE FAM BAM 😀
And as Always because I have like NOOO time please enjoy the following bullet points!
1.) I saw a beetle dragging a trantula (<- where’s my inglês auto correct when I need it). Like literally a médium sized beetle dragging a trantula up a hill. I dont know why this is importante enough to put in the email to yall but I thought it was weird and cool and yes I have pictures.
2.) I sat in the house Reading the Book of Mormon/Bible/Jesus the Christ the first four days of this past week because dun dun dun I could not walk thanks to the needle in my foot and the confusion about how it even got there.
Anyways Thursday was the big hospital trip. I went to na actual foot specialist this time. He looked at my X-ray and said “Welp, you’ve got a piece of metal in your foot.” It looks like a needle about half the size of my pinky finger. Anyways I dont know how it got there, dont really remember any day in specific when I stepped on a needl…and I feel like its something I would have remembered. ANYWAYS because the surgery is a little tricky (he’d have to move inbetween the muscles in my foot) he wants to wait 3 months to take another X-ray to see if the needle moves closer to the boné in my foot.
So in short, the surgery isnt mandatory right now BUTTT if the needle moves any closer I will be getting surgery (oh joy!). So I’m able to walk normally and work normally until my next X-ray which is A BLESSING!
3.) The Patatoe miracle:
So I like to call this experience the Patatoe miracle because…well it involves patatoes! So we have a recente convert/less active in our Ward that we have been visting a lot. And her living conditions are very humbling. Her house is literally one room with a little curtain that seperates the bathroom and the kitchen. (Remember the story about the like 10 cockaroaches and the clothing holder? Same person!). She lost her job (which paid only 100 real each year) and she has absolutely NO food and 5 kids.
I was fasting for her on Friday that she might be able to have food to feed her children and find a job or be given the means to provide for her Family. (Her husband is a drunk and doesnt do anything all day except drink) Anyways we went there to help her clean her house but ended up tirando mato. I think the word in english is like pulling out plants and weeds.
These weeds were about up to my knee and her whole Yard was covered in it. So we start using…a make shift Garden hoe to literally wack the weeds down (I feel like my english is great). Anyways as we are taking out these weeds underneath all of the weeds were TONS of sweet patões! As we are wacking the weeds we just see TONS and TONS of these sweet patatoes and she starts crying and said something that just broke my heart. “I can feed my kids tonight, I can eat today.”
During this process as well she found 10 cents and was the happiest person in the world. So I had an idea. As missionaries we cant give Money to people directly. BUT if they dont know it was us… Anyways I had a bunch of coins in my purse and I got them out of my bag and started placing them in the dirt as I was wacking the weeds. And every 10 or so minutes she’d find them, or I’d “find” one or my companion would “find” one as well. At the end she had about 1 real and 50 cents. And she was SO HAPPY. We took a Picture with her at the end of the Project and I have the cutest Picture of her with just this big smile and patatoes in her hand and coins in the other!
It was a prayer answered and a real strength to my testimony about the power of fasting!
*SIDE NOTE: This sister has two kittens and one of them is now named “Adele”
I think that’s all for this week yall! I had the opportunity to Skype my Family yesterday and it was incredible. Also our room has a Family of cockroaches the size of your hand living behind our dresser. And I think we’re gonna try to kill them with poison this week…so stay tuned!
Fica Tranquillo
Sister Adelman

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