Tests and Trials…

Oi Gente!!!

These past weeks were pretty interesting….
-Soooo a couple weeks I had surgery on my toe and its been about 3 weeks and I still can’t move it. So Ive been to the hospital pretty much every week (Oh how I love hospitals) Anyways I went to the hospital last week to get an x-ray (they were thinking the doctor could have broken my toe in surgery…oh joy) and it turns out my toe isnt broken…BUT THE X-RAY SHOWED a needle or piece of wood that’s inside my foot..they’re thinking its been there for a while and Ive just never noticed…anyways we concluded that the doctor could have punctured a nerve or something with the..anisthetia (ughhh spelling is hard…let alone in english. The stuff that numbs your foot). Anyways we’re still figuring that all out. And what exactly does this mean for Sister Adelman….
HOUSE ARREST! Or at least that what it feels like. Anyways President and his wife called Sister Wheatley and I on Thursday after seeing my x-ray and told us we had 20 minutes to get to our apartment and that they were picking me up to go to the Hospital (Seriously I should have a VIP room). It just so happened that we chose to visit the end of our area that day and we were literally 50 minutes from our apartment. Anyways so we go to the hospital, Sister Noguiera gets all “mom” on the doctors saying they ruined my feet and he said some medical stuff in Portuguese and she said some sassy stuff in Portuguese andddddd I have an appointment with a foot doctor on Thursday…and until then I have specific orders not to the leave the house.
Im pretty sure none of that first part even really made sense so I’ll try to summarize
Right Foot:
-Cant move my big toe after surgery
-Needle inside my foot
Left Foot:
-Big toe will need surgery because I have an increpado…increvado? Something in english about nail.
Sooo I had my x-ray done last week but didnt know anything for sure soo I continued working (that didnt make President happy…) Anyways this past week we only had about 2 days of good hard work.
-One night it was raining SUPER hard and there was NO ONE on the streets (seriously its like rain is a disease here!) we were praying that we might have a chance to do some contacting and we look to see one lady walking on the street and then she stops under a rain cover…building? So we start talking to her (literally Sister Wheatley started the conversation with “Hi, I broke my umbrella, whats your name?” and when we started talking to her about the gospel she began to cry and man the spirit was so strong! I felt like she was needing D&C 58;3-4 and we read it with her and she began to cry even more. We gave her a pamphlet and wrote the hours of church on the pamphlet and then parted ways.
THEN WE REALIZED Sister Wheatley wrote the wrong time on the pamphlet and we didnt get her address or phone number. Anyways for three days we were thinking about this lady and praying that we might be able to see her again to change the time. AND AFTER 3 DAYS of praying, what do ya know…WE found her! Blessing.
I love you all and I feel like this was alot of information all crammed in one but this church is true and Brazilians are INCREDIBLE. Also I ate quail eggs…which is normal I think because Ive eaten quail in the U.S. but yeah.
Until later
Fica Tranquillo
Sister (has to stay in the house and do nothing until surgery) Adelman 🙂

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