Needles, and Surgery, Singing Oh My!

Oi gente!

Essa semana foi uma semana maravilhosa e uma semana de bênçãos!
Funny Happenings:
-This week I was at the hospital…yet again lol. But not for anything stomach related. I has “mini surgery” (its what it translates to I think…or minor surgery) but it really wasnt even a surgery I think. I’ll explain in bullet points of what happened…
-So my big toe was swollen and started bleeding one week during proslyting and anyways long story short it was infected and to spare yall all the details…I had mini surgery lol
Anyways we enter the hospital and its like a DMV here. You take a number and sit and wait until your number pops up on the screen. Then you go into this little room and talk to a consultant about whats happening with you. (It was funny because I walked in and he was like “what is it this time?” with a little chuckles). Anyways after you tell him whats wrong he gives you a wrist band of a different color….yellow if its super urgent and green if you can wait a little longer. Then you talk the the receptionist about insurance information and then finally the doctor…AND then you get treated. And they dont really have privacy here…when I had the IV it was literally in a room full of other people sitting in chairs getting an IV tambem!
Sooo when I had the chance to talk to the surgeon he explained what he was gonna do. Im sure it wasnt exactly this…but this is what I heard “Alrighttt ehhheeemmm sooo now Im going to cut open your toe and its going to hurt tremendously…and its going to happen right now.”. Anyways Im a drama queen so it wasnt exactly that…and he was actually really funny.
During the “surgery” the doctor numb’d my toe…WHICH BY THE WAY STICKING NEEDLES IN YOUR TOE…HURTS REALLY BAD! The doctor’s lie when they say “Oh this will only hurt a bit” Mhhhmmm. Anyways while he was numbing my toe I was holding onto Sister Pivaris arm and said…
“I really dont like this….I mean you…I like you (to the doctor)….I just really dont like what you’re doing to me right now…” then I started singing “Why cant we be friends” in english to him. Of course he didnt understand but I thought I was pretty clever. According to my companion the doctor was laughing the whole time…So atleast some one finds humor in my pain :))))) Also I have no idea how Im going to give birth some day….I am a big baby when it comes to hospitals….Thank you to all the mothers out there, yall are like hulkmina!
-The members in my ward call me “Sister Big hair” and Sister “Adele” pronounced “Adelie”
-ANNDDD Sister Pivari and I flooded the bathroom area…where the bapstimal phew (oi…nao sei como escrever phew…) is. That was an interesting Sunday.
So his story is pretty much a miracle story, its a miracle that he was baptised this past Sunday. He actually talked to us first, he saw us walking down the street and wanted to talk to us but had shame…(was shameful…ashamed?) He decided if he saw us on the street again that he would talk to us. And what do you know, he saw us walking around the corner (probably lost lol) and gathered up the courage to talk to us! He had been a hardcore alcoholic his whole life, and had been using drugs since he was a teenager. He had been 6 months sober when he saw us, and was looking for a way to change his life. BOOM enter the missionaries lol. Anyways we gave him the lessons and he was really receptive. Hed call us every couple days saying he had read something exciting and wanted to just share it with us. We marked his baptism to be I think two weeks ago. Anyways he started talking to other people about our church and they of course we telling him he was wrong to be baptized and our church was the devil. What not. Anyways long story short, he didnt want lessons any more. Then one day we fasted for him, fasted that he could have a desire to be baptized, that he might not have doubts and recieve a clear answer this is the right thing to do.
The very same day of the fast we passed his house and he told us that he would like to be baptized, that he had prayed and thought about it and that this is what he needed to do to change his life. The next day he had his interview with the Elders and Sunday he was baptized. He was really nervous but SUPER excited!!
How does the money work there?
-So we get about 130 real every two weeks, which in American dollars is about 33 dollars every two weeks. It is as little as it sounds, and by the end of the week we are eating bread and cheetohs lol.
Ex: McDonalds cheese burger….is like 22.50$ real!
UHhhmmmm shampoo is about 13 real
Anyways Im doing great. The mission is super hard, Ive been spit at, Ive been yelled at, had the door shut in my face and chased down the street. The mission is one of the greatest and most difficult things I have ever done in my life! I know that Ill be blessed for the work Im doing here in the long run and this is what keeps me going every day!
Fica tranquillo,

-Sister Adelman


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