Some of My Favorite Things!

Oi gente!

Its been a pretty uninteresting past two weeks, but I’ll try my best to make this email as interesting as possible!
Weird Things:
So I was trying to think of things that are different here than the United States, but I’m not really sure what isnt normal any more?
-The sun here in Joao Pessoa rises at 4 am I believe…so its not to hard to wake up at 6:30 every morning with complete day light!
-Our most prominent form of transportation is the Onibus (literally the name is like On-A-Bus lol….LOL) my first experience on the onibus I felt like….idk its literally like a can of sardines….like Oh lets play a game of how many people we can cram on a bus!
I LOVE the food here…
So I think the way they do things here is great because all along the street they just have people vending food…and its like if your hungry at any moment in the day…BOOM there’s someone with magically delicious food.
-Coxinhas….these are deep fried deliciousness. I dont know how to describe it but its like a fried thing with meat and cheese in the middle. Its wonderful and we have a place that we call almost every night and they know our names and its great.
-Açai….its a fruit that they have in Brazil and they literally have carts of it in the street. Its like a icee/ice cream and they put granola and stuff on top.
-Paçoquinta!!!!! GENTE ISSO E MUITO BOM! It a candy that they have her and its just a stick of the inside of a reeses. its incredible and the wonderful people on the street never fail me. Its my go to pick me up. Investigator doesnt want to have any more lessons…bora comprar paçoquinta…
I would like to add that right now as I am writing this there is a rooster walking around the computer house…lan house (idk in ingles)
This week was conference and it was incredible! I had the opportunity to watch in ingles with another american sister. It was just her and I in the secretaries office and what a blessing that was! I love that we have an opportunity to here the words of modern day prophets and apostles. One thing that I feel was a common theme between all the talks was that trials in our life are always there to help us learn something. They’re there to help us grow and learn some kind of lesson. Whether it be paitience, humility, love for yourself and others. Its always something.
I have like no more time to write but I LOVE YALL. Thank yall for all the love and support and emails. Its nice to know sometimes that I havent completely fell off the face of the earth!
Sister Adelman
Fica Tranquillo

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