Second Transfer Baby :)


Bem-Vindo to my 2nd transfer in the field!!! WOOT WOOT! Im not the mais nova ainda!!!
This past week was absolutely incredible. The week before was absolutely HORRIBLE. BUT the bad makes me appreciate the good. Yay for opposition!
1.) Last week I was sick. Not too bad, I think I just ate something anyways. I went to the “Hospital” two times (BUT DONT WORRY MOM) because the “hospitals” here are…just like doctors offices. So its all good in the hood. Anyways I was “passando mal” (I dont know what it is in english) for one week straight. The first doctor we went to wasnt very good. He barely looked at me and just said “i dont know whats wrong” and sent us away. It was frustraighting to say the least. Anyways that very same day almost all of our investigators asked us to stop teaching them. Like investigators that we had been teaching for weeks and weeks.
Anyways I went to the “hospital” again this week after continuing to be sick (a different hospital). And it was SO MUCH better. The doctor explained everything to me, tried to speak a little english and offered more help if what he gave me didnt work. Turns out I had an infection in my intestines? (I think thats what it translates to in english).
 Anyways they hooked be up to an IV and drugged me up! I ABSOLUTELY HATE needles. And so I had to hold onto Sister Pivari’s hand and she tried to tell me jokes. It was…well it was great. AND AFTER THE DRUGS I was completely fine and I am completely fine now. So YAY!
2.) This past Sunday we had our first baptism! Woot! His name is Joao Paulo and he has been an investigator for over a year SO this was a big deal.
3.) Sister Povari and I found a new part of our area that we never knew existed. Its in the hill side and the view is SUPER pretty. There are tons of really humble souls there. People who have like nothing and their really receptive to the gospel. This past Sunday we had 4 investigators from that new part come to church!
I really dont have anything else to say (which is a first). Im starting to forget english and Im pretty sure I now sound like a child in english and portuguese. So thats great. Not really sure whats different in cultural things because Im starting to get accustomed to it. If any of yall have questions, feel free to ask me!
THANK YALL for all your love and support. Email, letters, pictures 🙂
-Sister Adelman

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