Cockroaches and Wet Floors…

Oi todo mundo!!!

Sister Adelman here coming to you from Mangabeira, Brazil!
This week was definitely a good one!
What’s your schedule like?
6:30-> wake up, shower, exercise (lol), write in journal and EAT! (Seriously the bread here IS SO GOOD. And we have a little ma and pop shop right next door to our apartment and so every morning we’ll buy feshly made bread)
8:00-> Personal Study (Scriptures, Liahona, Pregar Meu Evangelho)
9:00-> Companionship study (Pray for our investigators, traning, find scriptures to share according to the needs of our investigators)
10:00-> Language Study (Study that Por-tu-GUESE)
Lunch or “Almoço” aqui is the big meal of the day. SO we have Almoço at the house of a member (LIKE EVERY DAY. THEY LOVE TO FEED US HERE) and then we’ll usually just buy something off the street while we’re working for dinner!
12:00-> LUNCH
1:30/2:00-> Start Prostylting, visiting our investigators and service projects! And this goes until about 9:00 or 9:30 each night! Just walking, knocking on gates and talking to people about the gospel, helping people clean or move!
9:30-> Plan for the next day (where we’re going to go, what we need to study the next day, how our day went, and what our blessing was that day!)
10:00-> SLEEP (AKA: Drop dead on my pillow)


Cultural things?
-We have lots of dogs, horses, and cats on the street, ocasionally a cow or two walking in the road. Oh and donkeys as well!
-Our oven…is weird. But you have to light a piece of paper on fire and turn on the gas then light it manually. The first day that I tried this, I nearly blew up the kitchen. It was great!
-We dont have dryers here so we just use racks in our kitchen…just like college 🙂
-We buy jugs of water “Agua Mineral” each couple of weeks and this is our drinking water. Some one brings the jugs on a motorcycle and delievers them to us!
-The view from my apartment window is INCREDIBLE. Everything is SO green here!
My Week:
-So this week we were in a part of our area which is more humble. Its literally a dirt road through the jungle and we’ve been having SO much success there! (This week we had 12 people from that area come to church with us!)
Anyways the houses there are very humble and the people are SO loving! One day someone made popcorn and went from house to house giving it to everyone on the street and the people were so happy (it reall is the little things!) Anyways we were at the bottom of a hill talking to a new investigator inviting her to come to church and I notice that there are lots of people picking stuff off the ground and putting it in a jar. I asked my companion what it was and turns out it was GIANT ANTS. The investigator that we were talking to laughed at my reaction and picked up one of these giant ants ripped its head off and handed it to me. THE THING DIDNT DIE. Apparently they rip the head off of these alien like creatures and fry them and eat them!
I will be trying this in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for an update and picture! The investigator that we were talking to were leaving so we walked with them. They said they knew a short cut and we ended up literally walking through this jungle and there were tons of people with these jars of beheaded ants.
It was one of those moments where I looked around at the forest, the beheaded ant and the sunset in the distance and thought to myself. Man I love it here in Brazil!!
Funny Story of the Week:
-So this past Saturday I was taking a shower (cold I might add, because no we do not have hot water) and I reached for my towel. All the sudden I felt something latch onto my finger and I look down and it was a GIANT COCKAROACH! I screamed and flung it to the other side of the bathroom. It started flying towards me and I crawled to the other side. It ended up staying on the door (you know the thing I have to go through to leave the bathroom). So there I am huddling in a corner screaming for Sister Pivari (who didnt respond until like 3 minutes of screaming…because she was praying). Any ways I open the door just a crack so that Pivari could help me kill the thing. All the sudden I see a broom…but no Pivari. And she’s saying to me “Where is it, Did I get it” and shes just aimlessly wacking the broom around. I scream “I wanna leave…like go out the door” and Pivari says “Sol Vai!!!” (Like just go!). So Im soaking wet in nothing but a towel and I decide to make a run for it. AS I DO. I FALL FLAT ON MY FACE. Like body slam on the tile (because we dont have carpet here in Brazil). And I just start laughing SO hard and Pivari as well. But it wasnt like just a fall. It was fall…keeep going…keeep going… and now youre finished. Like a slip and slide in our apartment! When we looked in the bathroom again…the cockroach wasnt there…and so today we took like 3 hours cleaning our apartment!
*BY THE WAY. No Im not a wimp, I have no problem killing cockroaches, BUT THIS WAS SOME KIND OF GIANT ALIEN COCKROACH. It put all other cockroaches in Texas to shame!
Other Things:
-This week was my three month anniversary (its a thing :)) and the other sisters in my apartment made me cupcakes with a “3” candle! Sister Pivari made me a sign and when I woke up there were a bunch of sticky notes all around the room that said different things she loved about me, or funny stories we had!
-WE HAVE TWO more baptisms this week! With two investigators that ARE INCREDIBLE!
-This area has grown SO much in the past couple of weeks. When we first got here the frequencia for people at church was at 56 and this past Sunday we had 92 people! Sister Pivari and the other sister and I have been working SO hard here! Visiting less actives, teaching new investigators and old.
Final Thoughts:
I feel like sometimes we feel alone, abandonded or beaten down. Or at least I have or sometimes do and I see this every day in other people. We feel like there’s no way we can put one foot infront of the other (sometimes literally), take the next step. There are some days in life when you just wake up and think “I have no idea how Im going to make it through the day”. Ive experienced this many times on the mission already! For me its been physical pain, blisters, sunburn, back pain and intestinal. But one thing Ive learned about faith…is if we just push a little harder, exhaust all the strength we think we have. That if we do just as much as we possibly can. The Lord, our Father will show us we are who we doubted we could ever be. I dont know if that makes sense but I just know that this life is a test, a preparation period for a perfect and eternal future. That trials, doubts, guilt, shame theyre all temporary, its all temporary. Were here to learn and grow and the only way we can do that is experience first hand, oppostion. In times of difficulty it seems like its just easier to forget all the things that you already know, that youve already felt. But I know that our Hevenly Father lives, I know that Jesus Christ, our brother came to this earth and died for us; for the sole purpose that YOU and I can return to our Father in Heaven. I see people every day who dont know this, who dont have the hope and knowledge of the atonement. This work, the work of a missionary is SO gratifying.
Youtube: The Refiners Fire Mormon Message!
Love yall,
Thank you all for the love and emails!
Brazil is incredible, this work is like nothing else!
Sister Adelman

Second Transfer Baby :)


Bem-Vindo to my 2nd transfer in the field!!! WOOT WOOT! Im not the mais nova ainda!!!
This past week was absolutely incredible. The week before was absolutely HORRIBLE. BUT the bad makes me appreciate the good. Yay for opposition!
1.) Last week I was sick. Not too bad, I think I just ate something anyways. I went to the “Hospital” two times (BUT DONT WORRY MOM) because the “hospitals” here are…just like doctors offices. So its all good in the hood. Anyways I was “passando mal” (I dont know what it is in english) for one week straight. The first doctor we went to wasnt very good. He barely looked at me and just said “i dont know whats wrong” and sent us away. It was frustraighting to say the least. Anyways that very same day almost all of our investigators asked us to stop teaching them. Like investigators that we had been teaching for weeks and weeks.
Anyways I went to the “hospital” again this week after continuing to be sick (a different hospital). And it was SO MUCH better. The doctor explained everything to me, tried to speak a little english and offered more help if what he gave me didnt work. Turns out I had an infection in my intestines? (I think thats what it translates to in english).
 Anyways they hooked be up to an IV and drugged me up! I ABSOLUTELY HATE needles. And so I had to hold onto Sister Pivari’s hand and she tried to tell me jokes. It was…well it was great. AND AFTER THE DRUGS I was completely fine and I am completely fine now. So YAY!
2.) This past Sunday we had our first baptism! Woot! His name is Joao Paulo and he has been an investigator for over a year SO this was a big deal.
3.) Sister Povari and I found a new part of our area that we never knew existed. Its in the hill side and the view is SUPER pretty. There are tons of really humble souls there. People who have like nothing and their really receptive to the gospel. This past Sunday we had 4 investigators from that new part come to church!
I really dont have anything else to say (which is a first). Im starting to forget english and Im pretty sure I now sound like a child in english and portuguese. So thats great. Not really sure whats different in cultural things because Im starting to get accustomed to it. If any of yall have questions, feel free to ask me!
THANK YALL for all your love and support. Email, letters, pictures 🙂
-Sister Adelman