Splits and Stuff!

Oi todo mundo!

Este semana foi otimo!
Funny Happenings:
1.) So we went to visit this menos activo membro who was just recently activated again by us. We stopped by her house to see how she was doing and share a message with her. Her house is literally at the end of the world, we have to walk about 50ish minutes from our apartment to her house and its nothing but dirt roads, LOTS of trees and little shacks of houses on one side and stores and stuff. Anyways we went to her house and everything from inside her house was outside and she was cleaning the floors. Her house is just a square. Anyways I asked her if we could help and we ended up staying there and finishing the job for her. Literally you just poor soap and water all over the house and sweep it out the door. Foi muito divertido! Anyways so she had this clothing holder (I forget the name of it in english) and she needed to move it. So her husband and I move it…and when we move it away from the wall I see nothing but GIANT COCKROACHES! Like yall I live in Texas and these cockroaches put our “Everythings bigger in texas” sized cockroaches to shame! There were about 12 of them and they were all alive. Her husband began to smack them with a flip flop BUT THEY WOULDNT DIE. It was like a whole army of….idk something gross.
2.) This week Sister Pivari because she is the sister training leader had a lot of divisions to go on (Splits?). Anyways each day basically I had a different companion. So Friday Sister Tota and I (my apartment mate) were walking out in Cidade Verde where there is nothing but dirt roads and rows of houses. Anyways we were looking for a specific house but only had the quadra number and lt. number but not the house number. (How the number system works here…to be honest I dont even know BUT all the houses have a house number written outside their house…but not all have a qd. number and lt. number). Anyways so we were walking down this street and I stopped to look at my planner to see where we needed to go. All the sudden I hear
And I look up to see two dogs barking at Sister Tota and backing her into another street. Her face was bright pink and a look of horror was on her face. (She HATES dogs). Anyways so I take off my purse from my shoulder and wrap the strap around my wrist a couple times and start chasing the dogs and swinging at them with my bag. They would run and stop and look back at me and then Id swing my bag at them and yell and then they ran off.
We continue to look for this darn house and arent having any luck because none of the houses have a lt. number. We finally find a house that says Lt. 03 and we were looking for Lt. 05. Sister Tota looks at the house and looks two houses down and all I hear is “Ohhh…noo…” AND THE HOUSE WE WERE LOOKING FOR WAS THE HOUSE THAT HAD THE TWO DOGS THAT ATTACKED HER. I began laughing so hard I almost peed my pants at the irony.
3.) Later that night with Sister Tota we were talking to people on the street and this one guy (super drunk) kept talking about his cat and then out of no where said “Ohh I have a dog..” .then looks dead straight at Sister Tota and askes “Do you like dogs??” and her response “OH I LOVE DOGS”. It wasnt even that funny but I began laughing so hard I couldnt talk. And it was awful because he started talking to me but I couldnt answer.
Weekly Things:
-This week we had a taste testing/cook off for our relief society activity. Man I love food. And I love BRAZILIAN FOOD.
-I had two days this week where I came home absolutely exhausted and drenched in sweat where I just remember sitting at my desk thinking “Man I love serving a mission”. I also had two days that I remember thinking “Today was absolutely HORRIBLE”. But you know what. This is life, and it just makes me appreciate more the good days when we have the bad. Kinda like the fall of Adam and Eve, trials are a part of life…this is how we learn, its how we grow. With each trial that comes my way I try to think.. “what can I learn from this…what is God trying to teach me with this?” and it really works. Im not gonna sit here and say it works right away, but then again enduring to the end is part of the reason we’re here!


Favorite Quotes:
“You can’t be good and bad. You can only be good or bad. You can’t serve two masters”
“God Enlarges us, makes us grow, makes us stretch, requires more of us than we are wanting (or sometimes willing) to require of ourselve” Aka. Trust in God, trials happen for a reason. He sees us in a greater light than even we do.
-There was a talk in the CTM that I was recently looking at my notes about this talk. In this talk he said that…one day in Heaven we are going to have the chance to talk to Joseph Smith. He is going to ask us “What did you think of The Book of Mormon? How did it change your life? I was chastized, tarr’d and feather’d, physically and mentally beaten for this book.” and in that day are we going to know enough about the Book of Mormon, another testemento of jesus christ, are we going to have a big enough testimony on this book to thank him for his work?
Love you guys and love this work! Each day has its challenges but youve just gotta see the good in life!
-Sister Adelman

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