Week for the History Books

Oi there todo mundo!

This week was one for the history books!
annnndddd…please enjoy the following bullet points 🙂
1.) The language is getting SO much better, and LAST NIGHT I dreamt in Portuguese it was the weirdest things. The gifts of tongues is real and this gospel is true.
2.) TAPIOCA! What a marvelous food this is. So we have a family in the ward that invites us over for Jantar (Aka Dinner) muitas veses durante cada semana! Its this white looking bread tortilla thing and Im pretty sure we have them in the States but Im just not culutred and apparently had to come to Brazil to try these heavenly creations. Anyways as far as food goes, not much has changed….I still eat like a man and put all the other sisters to shame.
3.) Tried chicken heart andddd cow liver this week! The chicken heart was way good…the liver…was well liver.
4.) Tuesday was my “anniversario” de mission! Its a big deal within the group of sisters here in Joao Pessoa anys I have officially been out in the field for 2 months and it feels like its been only 2 weeks! My companion Sister Pivari made a sign for me and hung it up in the bathroom and she put a bunch of sticky notes around our apartment as well. Then that night the other sisters in our apartment sang “Feliz anniversario” for me and had a cute little cupcake with a “2” candle! They also bought BBQ and waffers (because I eat like 10 packs of waffers every day) any ways over all it was a good day! That same day as far as proslyting went, we talked to 42 people, taught 14 other lessons and got 5 new investigators. Which is a record for Pivari and I. This area is SUPER hard to get people to commit to anything.
5.) CRISTIAN!!! So Cristian was baptized about 5 months or so ago. After being baptized he recieved the Holy Ghost but never went to church. He was inactive for about 4 months. Sister Pivari went to his house at the beginning of our time here in Mangabeira and invited him to come to church. He did that week and ever since he has been reading the scriptures AND this past Sunday…as in yesterday he recieved the priesthood!!! He is incredible, seriously a blessing for Pivari and I. Each week he’ll go out with us 3 or 4 days. Por exemplo ele foi helping us on Saturday for 6 hours! He bore his testimony for a menos activio we were teaching and it was beautiful. He talked about how he had been inactivo and the very day that we showed up to his house he was thinking he needed to return to the church, that he wasnt doing something right in his life, like something was missing. AND then we showed up. Miracle. God loves everyone and he knows each and every one of his children. I testify this as a representative of Christ. He loves you.
6.) WE FINALLY HAVE A BISHOP! …nuff said
7.) Soooo I love to talk, and this isnt necessarily a good thing when you dont understand ALL of the language. SOOO funny story of the week…actually kind of sad. So we were talking with a man about the gospel and he started talking about his mom (I found this out later) and how she isnt with us anymore but that shes in the sky…right after he said these words I said “Ahhh isso e bom” which is “Ohhh this is good…” and then I started talking about the gospel of Christ. He gave me a weird look but I just thought it was because he hadnt known about baptism. Oooopppsss…
Also…we have a brother in our ward who is named Brother Santana…but names are hard for me because the pronunciation is nothing like what it looks like. Anyways I always call him brother Satana which in english is “Brother Satan”. Score one for Sister Adelman…
Annnddd I believe this is all I have for this week. Each week gets better and better. THANK YALL for your prayers and thoughts. THANK YALL for the emails each week, sorry that I have no time to respond. Ill try to get letters out soon!
-Sister Adelman

Random sleeping man….


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