Mangabeira II

Oi tudo mundo!

Bullet points yet again….
Cultural things:
-I saw two roosters fighting on the street…yes it was worth putting in this email 🙂
-JACA oh goodness me, jaca.
So jaca is a fruit here they have hard and soft jaca. Anyways we were at almoço on Wednesday I believe and we had just had this wonderful meal oh lasanga and it was great. Then the senhora brings out jaca and asks if any of us wanted to try it. The two american sisters (me and sister bunch) said yes because I mean Im on a mission right? Might as well try everything right? NO. Lol SO I tried this fruit…its about the size of a….idk baby lemon? Anyways it has a giant pit in the middle of it so you have to just pop the whole thing in your mouth. The outer layer of the fruit is like this mushy gross i dont even know. So I popped the whole thing in my mouth and began to chew. It was disgusting and I could taste it coming back up. Like my eyes started watering and I was about to throw up. In a desperate attempt to keep my dignity I spit out the pit and tried to continue eating it. Literal tears began to roll down my cheeks. Finally the woman sad I could spit it out. As she was handing me a napkin I just spit it out on the plate like the lady I am.
1.) This past week has been a lot better than the others, each week gets better and better. The language is coming along SO well. I understand most of what is said to me and I can finally talk back! I talk a lot actually, Im pretty sure my companion liked it better when I couldnt talk lol. (But really we love each other she is incredible)
2.) This past Tuesday was a BUSY day. We began proslyting at 9 am and didnt return for our apartment until 9pm. This was because we had investigators that could only meet in the mornings. It was a really good day though, lots of people were receptive and we taught a REALLY good lesson for this couple Rosa e Edclim. Anyways sooo we get home and I didnt even realize this while I was walking because my feet are always numb by the end of the day. BUT I had four really bad blisters on my feet, some of which were blood blisters. When I got home and took off my shoes I couldnt even walk around the house. (Which was a blessing that I was able to work allday with these!!) Soooooo Sister Pivari had to call our mission presidents wife and ask her if she had any trick for this. Anyways the next morning we took a needle and thread and I had to make a stitch in all of my blisters and put this miracle cream on them. I wasnt allowed to work Thursday so I just stayed in our house and studied the scriptures, language while sister Pivari worked with a member. I also prayed ALOT. The next morning my blisters were SOOOO much better, still hurt but they were better. The day at home was BORING. So the next day, I taped up my feet, thanked dance for giving me a high pain tolerence (All those years of pointe :)) and worked.
3.) Sister Pivari is the sister training leader and so she has to go on splits. Anyways this past week was our first split and it was great. Like the great as in “Im so nervous I have no idea where anything is in our area” great! By some miracle I found my way through our town and we were able to meet all out compromissos.
4.) On the day of splits (so our area is split into two part, part of our area is city and the other is more dirt road country farm) we went out to cidade verde which is more of a country area. Because we had a member who was going to introduce us to an investigator. So we go to her house and get her then we begin walking. The friend lives farther into the country and so it was about another 20 minute walk from her house. The member has a wheelbarrow that was full of stuff to give to other people because she works for a charity. Anyways so we had to take this stuff into the town area where her friend lives. I helped her push this wheelbarrow full of stuff and just this little act of service made her cry. She was so grateful to me, she couldnt believe that I would do this for her. She just conintuously thanked me. It was something so small but meant SO much to her because she has to push this wheelbarrow everyday. Things that may not seem like a big deal to us, or small acts of service really do go a long way! (Also this walk was through the forest and it was THE most beautiful walk every! EU AMO BRASIL!!
Dont have much more time, this whole 30 minute rule is really annoying BUT exact obedience will bring blessings!
Love you all and each week I print out the emails you send to me. I have been writting letters in response and will hopefully get those out to yall soon. Seriously I LOVE getting emails and I LOVE yall!!!
Alegria na jornada 🙂
-Sister Adelman

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