Finding Joy in the Journey…

Oi Irmaos e Irmas!

This week was quite the week!
Again I dont have too much time to email sooooo bullet points it is…
1.)In Brazil, I am super tall, surprise surprise! All along the streets are shops and all the shop have a little shade hang over thing, and yes yes I do always hit my head on them. Because no, Brazil does not have amazon women such as I!
2.)Many blessings for this week, as many of you probably know, I am a nervous peer…or I just pee a lot. I never use members bathrooms (rarely) and so Sister Pivari and I will usually go to the church to get water and use the bathroom. It was Thursday I believe and we had just finished up lunch but we were late for a meeting with this cute teenager Christian! BUT I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. So I asked my companion if we could stop by the church on our way to Christians. We ran to the church AND Christian was standing right outside the church. For some reason he had thought we said we were going to teach him at the church and not his house. AND soooo score one for the small blatter of Sister Adelman!
3.) The roads here are super uneven, nothing but brick and dirt roads. And although I am a dancer I tend to trip…a lot. Its kinda my thing. Anyways I had been trying to fix my chacos because they were too tight and goodness chacos are SO confusing. Anyways it was a really rough day, the sun was SUPER extra hot that day and we just werent having any success. And then I tripped. BUT I tripped in just the right way that it loosened my chacos and now they are perfect. Random yes, but I consider this a blessing. This alone made my day THAT much better!
4.) Alma chapter 37. Is amzing. I love this chapter because it talks about our fore fathers having the ability to exercise SIMPLE FAITH and follow the liahona through the wilderness. When they had the simple faith that the liahona would guide them it did, when they did not it did not help them. This chapter then talks about life and making it back to the Celestial Kingdom to live with God is exaclty the same way. Its as easy as it was for our forefathers to believe that this ball of gold or what ever material it was could lead them through the wilderness. Its simple faith. Its the faith of a child that WILL bring us back to our Heavenly Fathers. Sometimes we all complicate things and over think things. When we over think things, we paralize ourselves. We cripple ourselves!
5.) Our area has about 500 members but only 40 or 50 that come to church every week. This is definitely going to be a touch area BUT I am up for the challenge.
6.) Ill try to send pictures of our apartment today, its got two bedrooms, to bathrooms a kitchen and a “living room” where we have our desks set up to study.
7.) CARNAVAL STARTED THIS WEEKEND. Talk about parties, there have been a few block parties here and there and Brazilians are absolutely crazy. Today is the actual day of Carnaval so Im sure it will be crazy tonight. We continue to work because its not as crazy as it is in Rio!
8.)OH I fed a banana to monkeys on the street yesterday. They were just hagning out in a tree! It was great and theyre SO ugly.
I dont have much more time, but I love you all and I pray for you guys always!
-Sister Adelman

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