Bem-Vinda Joao Pessoa!

Oiii Todo Mundo!

 Its been quite a while since I’ve had the opportunity to email and this week has been absolutely crazy. I feel like bullet points is best.
Cultural things:
-When you cross the street you give a thumbs up to cars that stop for you
-You stand outside the gate of houses and clap or bang on the gate to get people to come out and talk to you. Since Im super tall and my companion sister Pivari is short I always look over the fences to see if anyone is home.
-The Grandma of the house is very respected here, she chooses who prays and eats first.
-Everyone on the streets say Boa Tarde or Bom Dia
-One morning we helped a member clean their new house before they moved in, we literally poured water all over the house and used a broom to wash the tile, it was super fun!
-The biggest meal here is lunch so we always eat lunch at a members house and we dont usually eat dinner because were never hungry
-As far as water goes, we only drink mineral water which we buy in big tubs and fill our water bottles with at home, mas if a member offers you water you have to drink it…
-Friday we had lunch at a local soup kitchen!
About my Area:
-The area that Im serving in is called Mangabeira (I think thats how you spell it) and it hasnt had sister missionaries for 4 years. So our ward is super excited for us. The Elders didnt really do much, so weve had to start from scratch. We printed an area map because they didnt have one, and weve been contacting lots of people. Our ward doesnt have a bishop because none of the members will accept the call. Ive been praying that well get one because we seriously need one. There is a member in our ward that I think will eventually be our bishop.
-Everyday we study, get ready and then go to lunch. Then we go out and walk the streets of Brazil from about 1pm to 9pm and teach, find people to teach. The language barrier is very frustrating because I understand what everyone is saying but I dont know how to respond very well. This is definitely a test of paitence and this has humbled me tremendously.
-My mission President allows us 35 minutes to email and we arent allowed to email guys. And here I thought Id have more time in the field to email. BUT I cant print things here and send pictures sooo Ill print out all your emails and send a response next week.
-We had 5 investigators that were supposed to come to church with us and only 1 answered her door. Her name is Natasha and she is the cutest thing every. She recently lost her dad about 2 months ago and its been super hard on her, she has depression. BUT she came to church on Sunday and all the members really welcomed her, she was really happy and I think we can help her alot, this gospel can help her.
Other Experiences:
-I have a really bad sunburn. The third day my neck was so burnt it was a purpleish color, buttt Ive been praying for help with this and Ive been using tons of aloe and sunscreen… and its not too bad now.
-Yesterday we ate something funky for lunch because today our whole apartment is sick
-We live in an apartment on the second floor. Its me and sister Pivari and then two other sisters that live with us. We split up our area!
-Its not safe here to wear any kind of jewlery, and all we can carry is books. Ive heard a lot of people break into apartments here sooo I have an empty tampon box that I put all my valuable things in.
Dont have much time but I love you all. This mission is so HARD but I know in the end I will be blessed and this work is the greatest work in the world.
Sister Adelman

Mangabeira II


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