Splits and Stuff!

Oi todo mundo!

Este semana foi otimo!
Funny Happenings:
1.) So we went to visit this menos activo membro who was just recently activated again by us. We stopped by her house to see how she was doing and share a message with her. Her house is literally at the end of the world, we have to walk about 50ish minutes from our apartment to her house and its nothing but dirt roads, LOTS of trees and little shacks of houses on one side and stores and stuff. Anyways we went to her house and everything from inside her house was outside and she was cleaning the floors. Her house is just a square. Anyways I asked her if we could help and we ended up staying there and finishing the job for her. Literally you just poor soap and water all over the house and sweep it out the door. Foi muito divertido! Anyways so she had this clothing holder (I forget the name of it in english) and she needed to move it. So her husband and I move it…and when we move it away from the wall I see nothing but GIANT COCKROACHES! Like yall I live in Texas and these cockroaches put our “Everythings bigger in texas” sized cockroaches to shame! There were about 12 of them and they were all alive. Her husband began to smack them with a flip flop BUT THEY WOULDNT DIE. It was like a whole army of….idk something gross.
2.) This week Sister Pivari because she is the sister training leader had a lot of divisions to go on (Splits?). Anyways each day basically I had a different companion. So Friday Sister Tota and I (my apartment mate) were walking out in Cidade Verde where there is nothing but dirt roads and rows of houses. Anyways we were looking for a specific house but only had the quadra number and lt. number but not the house number. (How the number system works here…to be honest I dont even know BUT all the houses have a house number written outside their house…but not all have a qd. number and lt. number). Anyways so we were walking down this street and I stopped to look at my planner to see where we needed to go. All the sudden I hear
And I look up to see two dogs barking at Sister Tota and backing her into another street. Her face was bright pink and a look of horror was on her face. (She HATES dogs). Anyways so I take off my purse from my shoulder and wrap the strap around my wrist a couple times and start chasing the dogs and swinging at them with my bag. They would run and stop and look back at me and then Id swing my bag at them and yell and then they ran off.
We continue to look for this darn house and arent having any luck because none of the houses have a lt. number. We finally find a house that says Lt. 03 and we were looking for Lt. 05. Sister Tota looks at the house and looks two houses down and all I hear is “Ohhh…noo…” AND THE HOUSE WE WERE LOOKING FOR WAS THE HOUSE THAT HAD THE TWO DOGS THAT ATTACKED HER. I began laughing so hard I almost peed my pants at the irony.
3.) Later that night with Sister Tota we were talking to people on the street and this one guy (super drunk) kept talking about his cat and then out of no where said “Ohh I have a dog..” .then looks dead straight at Sister Tota and askes “Do you like dogs??” and her response “OH I LOVE DOGS”. It wasnt even that funny but I began laughing so hard I couldnt talk. And it was awful because he started talking to me but I couldnt answer.
Weekly Things:
-This week we had a taste testing/cook off for our relief society activity. Man I love food. And I love BRAZILIAN FOOD.
-I had two days this week where I came home absolutely exhausted and drenched in sweat where I just remember sitting at my desk thinking “Man I love serving a mission”. I also had two days that I remember thinking “Today was absolutely HORRIBLE”. But you know what. This is life, and it just makes me appreciate more the good days when we have the bad. Kinda like the fall of Adam and Eve, trials are a part of life…this is how we learn, its how we grow. With each trial that comes my way I try to think.. “what can I learn from this…what is God trying to teach me with this?” and it really works. Im not gonna sit here and say it works right away, but then again enduring to the end is part of the reason we’re here!


Favorite Quotes:
“You can’t be good and bad. You can only be good or bad. You can’t serve two masters”
“God Enlarges us, makes us grow, makes us stretch, requires more of us than we are wanting (or sometimes willing) to require of ourselve” Aka. Trust in God, trials happen for a reason. He sees us in a greater light than even we do.
-There was a talk in the CTM that I was recently looking at my notes about this talk. In this talk he said that…one day in Heaven we are going to have the chance to talk to Joseph Smith. He is going to ask us “What did you think of The Book of Mormon? How did it change your life? I was chastized, tarr’d and feather’d, physically and mentally beaten for this book.” and in that day are we going to know enough about the Book of Mormon, another testemento of jesus christ, are we going to have a big enough testimony on this book to thank him for his work?
Love you guys and love this work! Each day has its challenges but youve just gotta see the good in life!
-Sister Adelman

Week for the History Books

Oi there todo mundo!

This week was one for the history books!
annnndddd…please enjoy the following bullet points 🙂
1.) The language is getting SO much better, and LAST NIGHT I dreamt in Portuguese it was the weirdest things. The gifts of tongues is real and this gospel is true.
2.) TAPIOCA! What a marvelous food this is. So we have a family in the ward that invites us over for Jantar (Aka Dinner) muitas veses durante cada semana! Its this white looking bread tortilla thing and Im pretty sure we have them in the States but Im just not culutred and apparently had to come to Brazil to try these heavenly creations. Anyways as far as food goes, not much has changed….I still eat like a man and put all the other sisters to shame.
3.) Tried chicken heart andddd cow liver this week! The chicken heart was way good…the liver…was well liver.
4.) Tuesday was my “anniversario” de mission! Its a big deal within the group of sisters here in Joao Pessoa anys I have officially been out in the field for 2 months and it feels like its been only 2 weeks! My companion Sister Pivari made a sign for me and hung it up in the bathroom and she put a bunch of sticky notes around our apartment as well. Then that night the other sisters in our apartment sang “Feliz anniversario” for me and had a cute little cupcake with a “2” candle! They also bought BBQ and waffers (because I eat like 10 packs of waffers every day) any ways over all it was a good day! That same day as far as proslyting went, we talked to 42 people, taught 14 other lessons and got 5 new investigators. Which is a record for Pivari and I. This area is SUPER hard to get people to commit to anything.
5.) CRISTIAN!!! So Cristian was baptized about 5 months or so ago. After being baptized he recieved the Holy Ghost but never went to church. He was inactive for about 4 months. Sister Pivari went to his house at the beginning of our time here in Mangabeira and invited him to come to church. He did that week and ever since he has been reading the scriptures AND this past Sunday…as in yesterday he recieved the priesthood!!! He is incredible, seriously a blessing for Pivari and I. Each week he’ll go out with us 3 or 4 days. Por exemplo ele foi helping us on Saturday for 6 hours! He bore his testimony for a menos activio we were teaching and it was beautiful. He talked about how he had been inactivo and the very day that we showed up to his house he was thinking he needed to return to the church, that he wasnt doing something right in his life, like something was missing. AND then we showed up. Miracle. God loves everyone and he knows each and every one of his children. I testify this as a representative of Christ. He loves you.
6.) WE FINALLY HAVE A BISHOP! …nuff said
7.) Soooo I love to talk, and this isnt necessarily a good thing when you dont understand ALL of the language. SOOO funny story of the week…actually kind of sad. So we were talking with a man about the gospel and he started talking about his mom (I found this out later) and how she isnt with us anymore but that shes in the sky…right after he said these words I said “Ahhh isso e bom” which is “Ohhh this is good…” and then I started talking about the gospel of Christ. He gave me a weird look but I just thought it was because he hadnt known about baptism. Oooopppsss…
Also…we have a brother in our ward who is named Brother Santana…but names are hard for me because the pronunciation is nothing like what it looks like. Anyways I always call him brother Satana which in english is “Brother Satan”. Score one for Sister Adelman…
Annnddd I believe this is all I have for this week. Each week gets better and better. THANK YALL for your prayers and thoughts. THANK YALL for the emails each week, sorry that I have no time to respond. Ill try to get letters out soon!
-Sister Adelman

Random sleeping man….

Mangabeira II

Oi tudo mundo!

Bullet points yet again….
Cultural things:
-I saw two roosters fighting on the street…yes it was worth putting in this email 🙂
-JACA oh goodness me, jaca.
So jaca is a fruit here they have hard and soft jaca. Anyways we were at almoço on Wednesday I believe and we had just had this wonderful meal oh lasanga and it was great. Then the senhora brings out jaca and asks if any of us wanted to try it. The two american sisters (me and sister bunch) said yes because I mean Im on a mission right? Might as well try everything right? NO. Lol SO I tried this fruit…its about the size of a….idk baby lemon? Anyways it has a giant pit in the middle of it so you have to just pop the whole thing in your mouth. The outer layer of the fruit is like this mushy gross i dont even know. So I popped the whole thing in my mouth and began to chew. It was disgusting and I could taste it coming back up. Like my eyes started watering and I was about to throw up. In a desperate attempt to keep my dignity I spit out the pit and tried to continue eating it. Literal tears began to roll down my cheeks. Finally the woman sad I could spit it out. As she was handing me a napkin I just spit it out on the plate like the lady I am.
1.) This past week has been a lot better than the others, each week gets better and better. The language is coming along SO well. I understand most of what is said to me and I can finally talk back! I talk a lot actually, Im pretty sure my companion liked it better when I couldnt talk lol. (But really we love each other she is incredible)
2.) This past Tuesday was a BUSY day. We began proslyting at 9 am and didnt return for our apartment until 9pm. This was because we had investigators that could only meet in the mornings. It was a really good day though, lots of people were receptive and we taught a REALLY good lesson for this couple Rosa e Edclim. Anyways sooo we get home and I didnt even realize this while I was walking because my feet are always numb by the end of the day. BUT I had four really bad blisters on my feet, some of which were blood blisters. When I got home and took off my shoes I couldnt even walk around the house. (Which was a blessing that I was able to work allday with these!!) Soooooo Sister Pivari had to call our mission presidents wife and ask her if she had any trick for this. Anyways the next morning we took a needle and thread and I had to make a stitch in all of my blisters and put this miracle cream on them. I wasnt allowed to work Thursday so I just stayed in our house and studied the scriptures, language while sister Pivari worked with a member. I also prayed ALOT. The next morning my blisters were SOOOO much better, still hurt but they were better. The day at home was BORING. So the next day, I taped up my feet, thanked dance for giving me a high pain tolerence (All those years of pointe :)) and worked.
3.) Sister Pivari is the sister training leader and so she has to go on splits. Anyways this past week was our first split and it was great. Like the great as in “Im so nervous I have no idea where anything is in our area” great! By some miracle I found my way through our town and we were able to meet all out compromissos.
4.) On the day of splits (so our area is split into two part, part of our area is city and the other is more dirt road country farm) we went out to cidade verde which is more of a country area. Because we had a member who was going to introduce us to an investigator. So we go to her house and get her then we begin walking. The friend lives farther into the country and so it was about another 20 minute walk from her house. The member has a wheelbarrow that was full of stuff to give to other people because she works for a charity. Anyways so we had to take this stuff into the town area where her friend lives. I helped her push this wheelbarrow full of stuff and just this little act of service made her cry. She was so grateful to me, she couldnt believe that I would do this for her. She just conintuously thanked me. It was something so small but meant SO much to her because she has to push this wheelbarrow everyday. Things that may not seem like a big deal to us, or small acts of service really do go a long way! (Also this walk was through the forest and it was THE most beautiful walk every! EU AMO BRASIL!!
Dont have much more time, this whole 30 minute rule is really annoying BUT exact obedience will bring blessings!
Love you all and each week I print out the emails you send to me. I have been writting letters in response and will hopefully get those out to yall soon. Seriously I LOVE getting emails and I LOVE yall!!!
Alegria na jornada 🙂
-Sister Adelman

Finding Joy in the Journey…

Oi Irmaos e Irmas!

This week was quite the week!
Again I dont have too much time to email sooooo bullet points it is…
1.)In Brazil, I am super tall, surprise surprise! All along the streets are shops and all the shop have a little shade hang over thing, and yes yes I do always hit my head on them. Because no, Brazil does not have amazon women such as I!
2.)Many blessings for this week, as many of you probably know, I am a nervous peer…or I just pee a lot. I never use members bathrooms (rarely) and so Sister Pivari and I will usually go to the church to get water and use the bathroom. It was Thursday I believe and we had just finished up lunch but we were late for a meeting with this cute teenager Christian! BUT I had to go to the bathroom SO bad. So I asked my companion if we could stop by the church on our way to Christians. We ran to the church AND Christian was standing right outside the church. For some reason he had thought we said we were going to teach him at the church and not his house. AND soooo score one for the small blatter of Sister Adelman!
3.) The roads here are super uneven, nothing but brick and dirt roads. And although I am a dancer I tend to trip…a lot. Its kinda my thing. Anyways I had been trying to fix my chacos because they were too tight and goodness chacos are SO confusing. Anyways it was a really rough day, the sun was SUPER extra hot that day and we just werent having any success. And then I tripped. BUT I tripped in just the right way that it loosened my chacos and now they are perfect. Random yes, but I consider this a blessing. This alone made my day THAT much better!
4.) Alma chapter 37. Is amzing. I love this chapter because it talks about our fore fathers having the ability to exercise SIMPLE FAITH and follow the liahona through the wilderness. When they had the simple faith that the liahona would guide them it did, when they did not it did not help them. This chapter then talks about life and making it back to the Celestial Kingdom to live with God is exaclty the same way. Its as easy as it was for our forefathers to believe that this ball of gold or what ever material it was could lead them through the wilderness. Its simple faith. Its the faith of a child that WILL bring us back to our Heavenly Fathers. Sometimes we all complicate things and over think things. When we over think things, we paralize ourselves. We cripple ourselves!
5.) Our area has about 500 members but only 40 or 50 that come to church every week. This is definitely going to be a touch area BUT I am up for the challenge.
6.) Ill try to send pictures of our apartment today, its got two bedrooms, to bathrooms a kitchen and a “living room” where we have our desks set up to study.
7.) CARNAVAL STARTED THIS WEEKEND. Talk about parties, there have been a few block parties here and there and Brazilians are absolutely crazy. Today is the actual day of Carnaval so Im sure it will be crazy tonight. We continue to work because its not as crazy as it is in Rio!
8.)OH I fed a banana to monkeys on the street yesterday. They were just hagning out in a tree! It was great and theyre SO ugly.
I dont have much more time, but I love you all and I pray for you guys always!
-Sister Adelman

Bem-Vinda Joao Pessoa!

Oiii Todo Mundo!

 Its been quite a while since I’ve had the opportunity to email and this week has been absolutely crazy. I feel like bullet points is best.
Cultural things:
-When you cross the street you give a thumbs up to cars that stop for you
-You stand outside the gate of houses and clap or bang on the gate to get people to come out and talk to you. Since Im super tall and my companion sister Pivari is short I always look over the fences to see if anyone is home.
-The Grandma of the house is very respected here, she chooses who prays and eats first.
-Everyone on the streets say Boa Tarde or Bom Dia
-One morning we helped a member clean their new house before they moved in, we literally poured water all over the house and used a broom to wash the tile, it was super fun!
-The biggest meal here is lunch so we always eat lunch at a members house and we dont usually eat dinner because were never hungry
-As far as water goes, we only drink mineral water which we buy in big tubs and fill our water bottles with at home, mas if a member offers you water you have to drink it…
-Friday we had lunch at a local soup kitchen!
About my Area:
-The area that Im serving in is called Mangabeira (I think thats how you spell it) and it hasnt had sister missionaries for 4 years. So our ward is super excited for us. The Elders didnt really do much, so weve had to start from scratch. We printed an area map because they didnt have one, and weve been contacting lots of people. Our ward doesnt have a bishop because none of the members will accept the call. Ive been praying that well get one because we seriously need one. There is a member in our ward that I think will eventually be our bishop.
-Everyday we study, get ready and then go to lunch. Then we go out and walk the streets of Brazil from about 1pm to 9pm and teach, find people to teach. The language barrier is very frustrating because I understand what everyone is saying but I dont know how to respond very well. This is definitely a test of paitence and this has humbled me tremendously.
-My mission President allows us 35 minutes to email and we arent allowed to email guys. And here I thought Id have more time in the field to email. BUT I cant print things here and send pictures sooo Ill print out all your emails and send a response next week.
-We had 5 investigators that were supposed to come to church with us and only 1 answered her door. Her name is Natasha and she is the cutest thing every. She recently lost her dad about 2 months ago and its been super hard on her, she has depression. BUT she came to church on Sunday and all the members really welcomed her, she was really happy and I think we can help her alot, this gospel can help her.
Other Experiences:
-I have a really bad sunburn. The third day my neck was so burnt it was a purpleish color, buttt Ive been praying for help with this and Ive been using tons of aloe and sunscreen… and its not too bad now.
-Yesterday we ate something funky for lunch because today our whole apartment is sick
-We live in an apartment on the second floor. Its me and sister Pivari and then two other sisters that live with us. We split up our area!
-Its not safe here to wear any kind of jewlery, and all we can carry is books. Ive heard a lot of people break into apartments here sooo I have an empty tampon box that I put all my valuable things in.
Dont have much time but I love you all. This mission is so HARD but I know in the end I will be blessed and this work is the greatest work in the world.
Sister Adelman

Mangabeira II