Week Six: CTM Brazil

Oi everyone!

ITS MY LAST WEEK IN THE CTM!! In exactly 4 days I will be on an airplane headed out to Joao Pessoa!
I dont have too much time because I have lots of emails to get to BUT here are a few short bullet points…
-Cool cultural thing about Brazil, they have a ring tradition. So if youre boyfriend and girlfriend you wear a silver ring on your right hand. If youre engaged you wear a gold ring on your right hand and if youre married you wear your gold ring on your left hand!
-Our CTM President, President Swensen went back to Utah because his two years of service is finished. Now we have a new one that is a Brazil native. He looks like Walt Disney and was one of the people who helped to translate the Holy Bible from english to Portuguese so he speaks perfect english!

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-For those of you who have a Book of Mormon read this, and for those of you who dont have a Book of Mormon you can find it at lds.org! So more on the spiritual side, one thing I have been studying a lot is the gift of the Holy Ghost and what gifts have been given to each of us. Read D&C 46:11-33 or Moroni 10 (It starts about 11 or 13ish and goes for a couple more verses). One thing I know is that we have each been blessed with the Holy Ghost to guide us in different aspects of our lives. With the Holy Ghost comes specific gifts that we are each given, these scriptures talk about the different ways the Holy Ghost works. I would encourage you to read through these scriptures and write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses.
“Growth Takes Effort”
Anyways I have to go, sorry this wasnt too long. Next email will be from the good ole city of Joao Pessoa!!
-Sister Adelman

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