Week Six: CTM Brazil

Oi everyone!

ITS MY LAST WEEK IN THE CTM!! In exactly 4 days I will be on an airplane headed out to Joao Pessoa!
I dont have too much time because I have lots of emails to get to BUT here are a few short bullet points…
-Cool cultural thing about Brazil, they have a ring tradition. So if youre boyfriend and girlfriend you wear a silver ring on your right hand. If youre engaged you wear a gold ring on your right hand and if youre married you wear your gold ring on your left hand!
-Our CTM President, President Swensen went back to Utah because his two years of service is finished. Now we have a new one that is a Brazil native. He looks like Walt Disney and was one of the people who helped to translate the Holy Bible from english to Portuguese so he speaks perfect english!

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-For those of you who have a Book of Mormon read this, and for those of you who dont have a Book of Mormon you can find it at lds.org! So more on the spiritual side, one thing I have been studying a lot is the gift of the Holy Ghost and what gifts have been given to each of us. Read D&C 46:11-33 or Moroni 10 (It starts about 11 or 13ish and goes for a couple more verses). One thing I know is that we have each been blessed with the Holy Ghost to guide us in different aspects of our lives. With the Holy Ghost comes specific gifts that we are each given, these scriptures talk about the different ways the Holy Ghost works. I would encourage you to read through these scriptures and write down a list of your strengths and weaknesses.
“Growth Takes Effort”
Anyways I have to go, sorry this wasnt too long. Next email will be from the good ole city of Joao Pessoa!!
-Sister Adelman

Week Three: CTM Brazil

Oi everyone!!

A whole month at the CTM and I just learned that Oi is indeed Oi and NOT Hoy…lol
Last week was kind of crazy and I didnt have a chance to send out a general email. They for sure keep you busy here at the good ole CTM. THANK YOU for those of you who email me every week. They really do mean a lot and I read them ALWAYS! Its fun to get short little emails. Ill try my best to get back to all of you!
I feel like the list format is the easiest soooo here we go…
-Last Wednesday (2 Wednesdays ago I guess) we added a new companion to our little companionship! She was waiting for her visa in the Provo MTC and finally got it. Her name is Sister Sutton and shes from good ole Indiana! Shes about 6 foot tall and hilarious! She is actually from the same ward as my Aunt and Uncle ANDDD SHE KNOWS BROOKE (shout out cause you get these emails now, love you Sister Sauder!!!). It was hard at first to adjust BUTTT I absolutely love our companionship. Being in a trio is hard but each person brings something incredible to the companionship (I like to think I bring the humor).
-We had the opportunity to go proslyting (Im pretty sure I will never be able to spell that right) on Wednesday (same day the new companion came!) and it was incredible. We walked to the bus stop which is about 3 blocks away and then took the bus to this giant bus station/train station/subway place and each companionship had 8 books of mormon to hand out! Sister Dunlop and I were done within 40 minutes…and continued to struggle through Portuguese with the natives. It was FANTASTIC. And I cant wait until Im out on the street of Joao Pessoa impacting real people. I even had a guy yell at me and tell me I wasnt mormon. It was great.
Funny Happening:
-Sister Dunlop and I have a bathroom in our bedroom which isnt normal for the CTM. So with having our own bathroom means we have to have our own toilet paper right? Well for maybe three weeks we didnt have any tolielt paper in our room because we had NO idea how to ask in Portuguese where it was. So every night we would go into the public bathrooms and stuff our purses full of toiley paper. BUT ALAS WE HAVE FOUND THE TOILET PAPER. And we still dont know how to ask for more. But we have our own little stash.
-For Breakfast some morning we have this little chocolate cake thing that is made by a company named DulcePecado which translates to “sweet sin”. One of the Brazilians was asking us how to say “pecado” in english and my companion Sister Sutton was like “OH I THINK ITS A SIN”. and the Brazilian was like Ohhhh Obrigado!! “Sweet I think its a sin”. IT was a total Tarzan Jane moment.
-Ok so the cafeteria here fits about 50 people at a time because this CTM has barely any missionaries compared to provo. Anyways for those of you that know me really well, I have quite a laugh. Anyways I have this story about Cheesecake that I told my district during lunch one day and it just gets me laughing every time I tell it. Anyways, So I told this story and began bursting out in laughter (because lets face it im hilarious) and then the table next to us starts laughing at my laugh, and then the other table starts laughing at my laugh. AND then the entire cafeteria (NO JOKE) was laughing…at me…ehem with me!!
Favorite Quotes:
“Do what God would have you do today, and then do that again tomorrow”
(Dont get caught up in the future, make today count!!)
“You wanted me to change the world. Did you think there’d be no cost?—It costs everything you have on the altar of sacrifice-youre fears, your pride, your laziness, your disobedience, your weaknesses, we can not hold anything back”
After reading this above quote, I was studying in Isaiah and came across this scripture (ISAIAH 1:11) And go to thinking about it. The sacrifice was never about the killing of the animal. It was symbolizism. Its about killing the animal inside, about letting go of the natural man and losing all sense of pride. Anyways, just some thoughts 🙂
Favorite Scripture: Alma 13:28-29
Brazil is Incredible and I love you all! Until next time…
Thats all folks!
-Sister Adelman!

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