Week Two: CTM Brazil

Hoy Todas Pessoas!

Feliz Natal everyone!
 I´m not really sure where to even start this letter. The days here at the training center seem to blend together. Yesterday feels like it was my first day but at the same time I feel like I’ve been here for months!
-My companion is super great, she´s from good ole Oregon and goes to school at BYU Provo. She´s SUPER hilarious and she and I are able to get things done. She´s short and blonde and LOVES volley ball…which we HAVE to play every day. She falls down a lot, one day it was raining outside (like it does every day RIGHT WHEN ITS TIME FOR OUR Actividade fisica) and we were walking down the stairs to get on the bus to go to the temple and she took one step and slide down the rest…it was great. She´s great.
Brazil Culture:
1.) The Brazilians LOVEEEEE my companion and I. Everyone will stop us and want to take a picture with us. They dont ask who to send it to or if we want to keep them. They just take pictures of us with their phones and say `Que Lindddaaaa´and then talk to us for a while. Me and my companion are always like “Paaarrrá” (<—- FINALLY found the quotation marks..success for the day) Which means stooopppp.
2.) You ALLWAYS have to wear shoes even when in your room, apparently atheletes foot is a big thing here…
3.) My companion and I went walking out around Sao Paulo last p-day and when we were crossing the street (well waiting to cross safely) this guy stopped his car in the middle of traffic and put his hand out to stop all the other cars.
4.) THE POST OFFICE IS LIKE THE DMV. You go in (after you actual find it…with all these Portuguese signs) and take a number…then wait like an hour to even talk to someone.
Spiritual Happenings:
1.) The spirit here at the CTM campus is SO strong. On Christmas we got to hear from Elder Bednar who is one of the twelve apostles. He was at the Provo MTC and did a question and answer. They passed out a bunch of cell phones to the missionaries at the Provo MTC and they were able to text questions. Then they video called with the missionaries in Africa and Chile. It was incredible, and I took about 7 pages of notes. He gave us tips on how to better study our scriptures. You get a cheap copy of the BOM and go in each time with a new topic (for example I want to learn about peace) then you mark everything in that book of mormon that has to do with peace. When you´re finished reading it, write a one page summary of what you learn and lable it (Peace #1) then do this again with different or same topics and this is how you learn something new each time you read.
2.) Everyday we have to teach an investigator in PORTUGUESE. YALL I have only been learning Portuguese for 11 days and its SO hard. Im not going to sit here and say all the lessons went perfectly and Im amazing at Portuguese because Im not…and Im pretty sure I sound like a 5 year old child. However our purpose as missionaries is to PREACH the word of God and then the Holy Ghost will do the TEACHing. Anyways there was one day where I was getting really discouraged because it was like I had forgotten Portuguese and English all together and nothing was making sense and we had about 5 minutes until we had to teach our pesquisador. Sister Dunlop suggested we said a pray in portuguese to help us with the language and have the spirit present. We went in taught the lesson and it was over in a heart beat. As soon as we walked out I couldn´t remember a single word I said but my companion turned to me and said “Sister, I heard you speak words I know we havent even learned yet”. Learning Portuguese is hard and it suck sometimes because NO ONE ever talks in english here, they literally tell the teachers and other missionaries not to speak in english to the Americans. Its hard to was to sound eloquent and profound when teaching, its difficult having a planned out lesson in english but not being able to find the words to teach in Portuguese.
Favorite Quotes from the week:
“Fasting with out a purpose is just starving” -President Swenswen
“We are agents who act, not simply objects to be acted upon” -Elder Bednar
Love you all! The time goes by SO fast here!
If you have any questions email them to me and Ill try to answer them next week!
-Sister Adelman

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