Week One: The CTM Brazil

Hoy Everyone!

I have about 10 minutes left to email after spending most of my alotted time inputing everyones email address so this week will be a short one. Also Im typing on a really confusing Portuguese keyboard and I cant find the apostrophe key.
Key things:
1.) We dont use toilet paper here we use napkins..
2.) Yes that was important enough to me to make it on this list
3.) My companion is absolutely incredible, we get along really well
4.) Its SUPER hot here, we dont have any AC in our bedrooms
5.) Everyone here is a SUPER crazy driver, theyll bump the back of your car or honk their horns alot anddd even drive in the emergency lanes. The motorcyclists here I swear have a death wish because they just go anywhere the bike will let them, but they use helmets soo Ill pray for them.
6.) We had the opportunity to go to the Campinas templo today, the drive is about an hour away from the CTM (Training Center) and its nothing much super green mountains and really poor towns the whole drive up there. The templo is on the top of a hill and you can see it about 15 minutes before you actually get to it. If you dont know what its looks like, you should google it.
7.) Here at the training center we arent allowed to send pictures but I have taken tons, Ill send them all when Im out in the field.
8.) Christmas day we get to wear out pajamas around the CTM, eat TONS of food (yay for mystery meat…again…) and watch some Disney movies (or so thats the rumor) we will also get to call our families for 30 minutes.

First Companion: Sister Dunlop

God is great the gospel is true. Ill be sure to write more next week!
-Sister Adelman